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Best Chairs and Upholstery in Edinburgh for Older People

If you have an older friend or relative that struggles to get in and out of their chairs, then it may be time for them to upgrade their upholstery in Edinburgh. As we get older it can become more difficult to move, so sometimes it is necessary for an older person to change their surroundings in order to make life easier.

Important Things to Consider

For an elderly person, choosing the right type of upholstery in Edinburgh means taking certain things into consideration, including;

Seat Height

Low sofas and chairs are often difficult for older people to get in and out of. At the same time, the chair cannot be too high, as this can put strain and pressure on the back of their thighs and their feet won’t touch the floor, this can make it extremely uncomfortable to sit.

Seat Depth

The depth of the upholstery in Edinburgh will also have to be taken into consideration. The chair must support the back of the thighs but not be so deep that the person must lean back in order to rest their back. The best bet if your friend or relative cannot find the right depth, is to get a chair that is too deep and use a pillow to prop behind them in order to allow them to sit comfortably.

Height of Armrests

The height of the armrests should allow the person to rest their arms without having to raise or drop their shoulders.

Best Chairs for Older People: Riser Recliner Chairs

There are many different types of chairs that feature quality upholstery in Edinburgh and that are good for older people, but riser recliner chairs are the best.

These chairs incorporate many different elements, including; assisting people to stand up, allowing the chair to be in an upright position, as well as reclining – some into a full lie down position. Some of the upholstery in Edinburgh even comes with pressure relief and massage options.

Riser Chairs

Riser chairs can either be bought as manual or electric powered. Manual powered chairs are not a great idea for older people who have balance issues or who may find difficulty in bending down to operate it. Electric chairs on the other hand, are easy for anyone to use. These help people stand up by slowly rising forward until the person is in a position that is upright enough for them to stand.

Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs have a backrest which reclines as well as a footrest which rises with it. In some modules, this can allow the user to lie right down and relieve strain from their back and legs.

Riser Recliner Chairs

Rise recliner chairs combine features from both chairs mentioned above.

Re-Upholstery and Upholstery Services in Edinburgh

If you have an older friend or relative that already has a chair like the one mentioned above but it has seen better days, then a potential solution is for them to get new upholstery in Edinburgh on their chair. This will give it a new lease of life and allow them to keep using a chair that is good for them, without having to fork out for a new one.