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Posts published in “Health”

SDTM Automation Helping To Streamline Science

SDTM automation stands for Study Data Tabulation Model and refers to a standard method for organising human clinical trial data.  It is also used by companies who are submitting food product applications to a regulatory body like the FDA.  This method of compiling dataset is usually a mandatory requirement when submitting these types of data, so anything that can be done to speed this process up can usually save companies a lot of time and money. SDTM Automation And How It Works As the name suggests, SDTM Automation is the process of automating the datasets so that they can be…

How to Keep Elderly Minds Stimulated

Arts and Crafts There are many different arts and crafts that you can introduce to older people. Everything from painting to origami to creating gifts. You can even create themes for certain holidays or events that are coming up – such as Christmas. Arts and crafts do not need to be elaborate or expensive and you do not need to bring in a teacher to do it. There are many different arts and crafts that can be found online and supplies can be picked up from local craft shops or even charity shops! An added bonus was because there are…

How Music Can Help With Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s can be pretty heart wrenching for relatives of the person and extremely confusing for the patient. Tons of complicated ideas and medications coupled with advice from people who have never dealt with it will only get you so far. Music has always been considered a treatment that can help any condition or at least make it more bearable. When it comes to Alzheimer’s music is a powerful tool and can reduce the outbursts from the person diagnosed and help their overall behaviour. In every stage, music has benefits that could make a painful journey slightly less painful. Patients have…

Three Of The Best Apps To Help Seniors In The Community

The seniors in our community have never been known to gravitate towards technology. They are always considered rather uncomfortable when dealing with phones and iPads. Even though this may well be true, there are plenty of older citizens that are keen on learning. They want to know how to make their life simpler with the new technology that has changed their community so greatly. A simple app on your phone could give you more independence at a fraction of the cost an alternative will.

How Hiring a Damp Specialist in Glasgow can Improve Health of Older People

As you may already know, damp can cause a number of health issues, even in generally healthy people. Older people are more at risk of developing health problems due to damp in the home. This article will tell you just some of the risks of an older person living in damp conditions. As well as which damp specialist in Glasgow to contact to fix the problem.

Benefits of Having Motorised Blinds in East Kilbride for the Elderly

Things can be more difficult for elderly people, in many cases, people do not want to give up their independence for as long as possible. Due to this, it is important to give elderly people the chance to keep their independence by making tasks that they may now find difficult a lot easier. Installing motorised window blinds in East Kilbride for an elderly friend or family member has many benefits, which this article will explore.

How To Help Care For Your Elderly Parents & Friends

With an ageing population, we all must learn how to take care of our parents when they become older. This can be both in terms of health and in trying to make sure they feel alright. With widowers, this can be important. The best thing to do in any of these situations is to listen to what they want. Remember that they have been more independent for longer than you may have and even having a little independence taken away from you can be a shock to the system. We have got some helpful (if sometimes obvious) points to remember…

Pensioner In Dental Emergency? Advice From Out Of Hours Dentist Glasgow

Most of us have been in a situation where we think we might need an out of hours dentist Glasgow. Extreme toothache in the middle of the night is never pleasant. However, sometimes there is no need to rush to the dentist at 3am. Furthermore, for the more elderly among the community, rushing to a dentist isn’t an option without aid. This article will guide you through some of the most urgent issues, and which ones you can schedule a consultation for instead. It will then look at what you should do if you realise you have an emergency dental…