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How to Keep Elderly Minds Stimulated

Arts and Crafts

There are many different arts and crafts that you can introduce to older people. Everything from painting to origami to creating gifts. You can even create themes for certain holidays or events that are coming up – such as Christmas.

Arts and crafts do not need to be elaborate or expensive and you do not need to bring in a teacher to do it. There are many different arts and crafts that can be found online and supplies can be picked up from local craft shops or even charity shops! An added bonus was because there are so many different types of arts and crafts out there it won’t become mundane and boring.

Arts and crafts aren’t just good for mental stimulation, they can also help keep hands active and nimble.

Word Puzzles

Word puzzles, such as crosswords and word searches can be great for keeping up vocabulary and using the brain. They are both enjoyable and stimulating and many come in a range of difficulties so there is something to suit just about everybody.


Bingo is a great social activity and can be played in either small or large groups. Bingo is a stereotypical activity when many people think of elderly care homes – and for good reason. It can provide stimulation in 3 very important ways – hearing, touch and sight.


Many people don’t realise how stimulating jigsaws are. They can help focus the mind, as well as aiding in eyesight.


Getting out into nature is a great way to keep the mind stimulated. Whether this is a stroll around the grounds or a trip somewhere.