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Care Homes Getting A Futuristic Make Over

  • Care homes should be made to be as comforting and stress-free as possible for their residents, and this is not always the case.  Overstretched staff and limited resources can often leave care homes lacking in certain areas, but thankfully the future is looking bright for the future of care homes.

    Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and new developments are made in consumer technology on a daily basis.  Another important area is medical technology, which has seen huge investment in recent years as technology becomes increasingly accessible. For a facility like a care home, there are many exciting new developments in the pipeline that could be an everyday occurrence in the next few years. 

    Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the way technology is being applied to help our senior citizens:

    Sensors can be placed around the home to remind people to lock the door or turn the oven off when they walk near them.

  • Reminders can prompt people to take medication at a certain time every day

  • Connecting relatives: Apps can be used so family members can connect with their elderly relatives

  • Clocks and calendars

  • Medication aids

  • Locator devices: A small electronic tag can be attached to frequently misplaced items, such as keys, money or a phone

  • Communication aids: Apps like ‘Talking mats’ can be used to help people with communication problems to tell others how they feel or what they want to do

  • Safety: Telecare systems can be placed in a person’s home to help them access support when they need it

    These are examples of technology that is already available in the public domain, and with research and development already happening, the future is likely to bring some even better ways care homes can use technology to aid them.