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How Golf Buggies Scotland Are Helping Elderly People Get Around

Golf buggies in Scotland have their uses both on and off the green, especially for elderly people. Here at Abbeycare we use golf buggies in day to day life with some of the residents and are here to talk more about it and the benefits that this can have.

A Bit More About Abbeycare Online

Abbeycare online is a program that can provide care and support services at home, as well as in residential facilities. We provide different types of support depending on what is needed and your support plan can be changed at any time to match your needs. Not only do we provide care for the elderly, we can also provide care for younger people with disabilities.

Benefits of Golf Buggies Scotland

Allows Residents to Get Around Our Large Grounds

Some of the residencies that we operate are located on large grounds – often out in the countryside. This can be a lovely setting for residents and is peaceful but some may struggle to enjoy the extent of the grounds. Golf buggies in Scotland allow us to explore the grounds with residents that may not be able to walk that far. A lot of these grounds have stunning wildlife which can be a great thing to go and see during the day and we find that many residents respond positively to this.

Can Get Able Residents More Active

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean that your enjoyment must stop. We aid patients in doing everything that they want to do and are still able to do. Whether this be going to the cinema, going on walks or even playing sports. Golf buggies in Scotland can be a great way to get older people more active. Those that still have the capacity to play golf can use a golf buggy to help them get around the course without too much strain or walking. For those who enjoy walking but can no longer go on long walks, there are many walking paths in Scotland that are safe for golf buggies. Whilst we do provide wheelchair accessible vehicles, sometimes it is nice for our patients to experience something different.

Benefits of Patients Getting Stimulation

Helping stimulate our patients minds and letting them still experiencing things at this stage in their life is a top priority for us. That’s why we arrange a whole host of activities, as well as giving quality care to high standards. If you are interested in learning more, please get in contact with us to find out more today.