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Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are actually a facility dedicated to the care of aged or disabled people who require special medical attention. They can be described as skilled nursing care center, long term care centers, senior citizens’ houses, long term care homes or respite homes. A nursing home usually has at least one nurse on duty and a number of patients under their care. However, there are certain other staff members and doctors in the health center, which are not considered part of the nursing staff and are calling housekeeping staff. The basic duties of nursing staffs are feeding, dressing, bathing and ensuring that the patients get proper medical attention. It is also important for them to attend to emergencies as quickly as possible.

Elderly and disabled people who come to a nursing home have to undergo some tests and examinations to identify their illnesses. Once the doctors identify the illness, the family doctor can write out an official nursing care plan and provide the patient with medication. The drugs are normally given in the form of tablets or liquids and the patient is supposed to take it as prescribed by the doctor. However, the dosage is usually lower than what is given to an individual in his own home, because they are under more stressful conditions. It is important to remember that the patients who come to nursing homes usually need around eight hours of care a day, seven days a week. This is why it is recommended that the patient’s home to be prepared well in advance, so that he/she does not become nervous. Moreover, they will feel more at ease when they arrive to the home, knowing that all the things that had been left at home are available for them to take care of.

Care homes provide their patients with a number of benefits. They include meals taken in a timely manner, bedding, food and water, and cleaning. The patient also has time to chat with other residents of the house while they are busy doing something. The environment in a nursing home provides the patient with security and the feeling of belongingness. The environment also allows the patient to relax and enjoy their life without thinking of the troubles in the home. They are provided with a number of activities, ranging from yoga classes to swimming pools and sports.