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Top Tips to Help the Elderly Adapt to Living in a Care Home

A lot of older patients are quite adamant about staying exactly where they are and the idea of moving to a place that is alien to them is terrifying. It can come as quite a blow if you spring it on someone one day without getting them ready. Care homes are necessary sometimes because of the skyrocketing costs and the dangers of staying at home, so preparing patients for the change they are about to experience is an important first step.

Find the right care home

Not all care homes are going to offer you the same facilities and the place that suits a specific patient’s needs will depend on a lot of factors. A care home needs to be warm and inviting as well as have great facilities. A place that makes you smile will be a far better place to go to than a care home that has great facilities but no social life to it.

Two senior citizens holding hands in the care home

Visit often

As great as the care home may be and you will find some amazing staff, visiting often especially initially will make them feel more at home. Having to start over in a new place can make a person feel pretty lost and giving them a visit to look forward to every day or every week will keep things looking up.


Many homes allow normal people to volunteer as carers whenever they have the time. You can teach art or run a music class. It gives you something to do, makes visiting relatives easier and you make an impact on a lot of people in a few hours. You are also able to understand exactly what their new life is all about and that gives you the ability to understand them better.

Woman pets her cat on a chair in the care home

Give them a voice

Plenty of patients end up feeling like they have lost control of their life and are following a routine that they did not even sign up for. Getting their opinion on things as much as possible, making mental notes and then mentioning it to the staff can make a big difference. Knowing when they want to wake up or what social activities interest them will make any patient feel more listened to. Even before they leave the house, asking them exactly what they want to pack and what sort of room they would like can make it easier to prepare for the big move.

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